Turning Pages: January 2022 Book Suggestions

2022 is the beginning of a new year and another chance to pursue your goals. Let one of your goals be a commitment to read - one more book, one more poem, one more article, one more... Challenge yourself , your children, your family and friends to spend a few minutes a day or once a week to read, Be intentional about it because "what you read matters."

All of the books listed you can purchase in-store at Zawadi Books

  • America Celebrates Freedom Day - Juneteenth (activity book)

  • Eye on History - The Golden Collection: Articles on African and African American History - Lost History, Forgotten History by Eva M. Doyle

  • How To Fight Racism: Courageous Christianity and the Journey Toward Racial Justice by Jemar Tisby

  • Razorblade Tears: A Novel by S.A. Cosby

  • The Revolution Will Rhyme (Poetry) by Jillian Hanesworth

For the Young Reader:

  • Somebody Else (children's book) by LaGuan Rodgers

  • Tristan Strong: Destroys the World ( children's fic) by Kwame Mbalia

  • Who Are Your People ( children's book) by Bakari Sellers

  • The Year We Learned To Fly (children's book) by Jacqueline Woodson

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