Turning Pages: May 2021 Book Suggestions

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

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We honor the birth of Malcolm X on May 19, 1925:

"The common goal of 22 million Afro-Americans is respect as human beings, the God-given right to be a human being. Our common goal is to obtain the human rights that America has been denying us. We can never get civil rights in America until our human rights are first restored. We will never be recognized as citizens until we are first recognized as humans."

Malcolm X, 1964


  • On Juneteenth by Annette Gordon Reed

  • Don't Drop the Mic: The Power of Your Words Can Change the World by T.D. Jakes

  • Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Boy by Emmanuel Acho

  • What Happened To You: Conversations on Trauma. Resilience and Healing by Bruce D. Perry, MD PhD and Oprah Winfrey


  • Nickel City Crossfire: A Gideon Rimes Mystery by Gary Earl Ross

  • Cosmic Deputy: poetry and context 1968-2019 by Kalamu Ya Saleem

  • Summer On The Bluffs: A Novel by Sunny Hostin

  • While Justice Sleeps: A Novel by Stacey Abrams

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Books by and about Malcolm X

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