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Turning Pages: December 2022 Book Suggestions

"In order to avoid lack or poverty of purpose in our gift-giving, we agreed that Kwanzaa gifts must always include two items a) a book and b) a heritage symbol - regardless of what else is given. This stipulation clearly points to our priorities of building and liberating our people. The book reflects and reinforces our commitment to education as an indispensable part of the struggle for liberation and reconstruction."


Zawadi Books also has 2023 Calendars, Christmas and Kwanzaa Cards, Kwanzaa sets and a Kwanzaa Board Game.

All of the books listed you can purchase in-store at Zawadi Books

  • The Essential Dick Gregory edited by Christian Gregory

  • The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times by Michelle Obama

  • South To America: A Journey Below the Mason-Dixon to Understand the Soul of a Nation by Imani Perry

  • The Third Reconstruction: America's Struggle for Racial Justice in the Twenty-First Century by Peniel E. Joseph

  • We Are Not Like Them : A Novel by Christine Pride and Jo Piaz

For the Young Reader:

  • Dreams On Fire (YA fiction) by Annette Daniels Taylor

  • Marvella Finds Her Magic (J fiction) by Annette Daniels Taylor

  • Shout the Storm (YA fiction) by Annette Daniels Taylor

  • Door of No Return (YA fiction) by Kwame Alexander

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